Sophie (June 19, 1999 - March 09, 2011)

Not long after we built our first house in 2004 we set out to adopt a dog. In fact, I think that we built the house so that we could have a dog.  
Sophie was our first hound, a sparky, little red alpha girl.  She was tough & tiny & being the smallest of the group, at 59 pounds meant nothing.  An expert counter surfer, diversion creator, dare devil, mind reader, and leader of the pack.   She was the Greyhound version of Evel Knievel.  I’m sure that if she had opposable thumbs, she could have ruled the world.

Cruce (April 4, 2000 - April 10, 2012)

A truly unique & eccentric hound.  Our first failed attempt at fostering.  He hates other dogs, & change and needs to have a five foot radius of personal space at all times.  He's goofy & has the memory of an elephant.  Who couldn't love a hound like that?  Completely loyal to his humans, Cruce carried on his life with complete military precision.    
Could Howard Hughes have been reincarnated as a Greyhound?

Tutu (February 02, 2002 - July 31, 2011)

Second failed attempt at fostering.  The very first day in our house, she ran up the stairs & jumped on the couch.  Tutu was here to stay.  Sophie's partner in crime, can only be described as the life of the party.  A total diva, she loved being the centre of attention.  As a pure white hound, she knew how to turn heads.  Tutu definitely stood out in a crowd.  She loved her volunteer work and never met a stranger. Her belief was that all hands were made to pet her.  For five years, she was my husband's shadow & her larger than life personality will always be missed.

Colby (August 30, 2003 - June 16, 2010)

In the summer of 2010, we lost our youngest pack member to cancer.   Colby, was only 6.  As an on the spot adoption in 2006, Colby captured our hearts.  My husband & I had no intention of adopting a 4th hound.  The universe had a different plan.  
He was our easy going, love bug.  His tail constantly wagged.  Mornings were his thing & he felt that it was a mortal sin to sleep in 2 minutes passed dawn.  As the official greyhound alarm clock of the family, no speck of the day was wasted by him.  
I always imagined that it would be years before Colby left us.  Again, the universe had a different plan. 


The one that almost got away.  Our Florida souvenir.  I still remember the heartbroken look on my husband's face when the kennel volunteers told us that she was adopted and going to her forever home the next morning.  Three days later she was returned due to a family emergency.  Not even a week later, Tosca was lounging on the couch in our vacation rental.  
Sometimes fate has a sense of humour.    


Tosca's sister (really - same Mom & Dad) and world's most expensive Greyhound adoption.  It broke our hearts to leave her behind at the kennel.  It also nearly broke our bank account.  We returned to Florida in April of 2012 with Tosca to adopt her littermate.  


The mystery man.