Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I Love Yew!

Wow! What a difference a couple of weeks can make. Neal & I had our sod put in at the beginning of July. Lucky us. We had no rain for the first 3weeks, which means that morning and evening, sprinklers were turned on and moved several times. After that, there wasn't much time left over for a social life, lol. Neal did everything but an engineering survey to make sure that each blade of grass had its fair share of water. I'm not sure, but he might be the 'analytical one'. We also have worked hard at planting shrubs. To be precise, a lot of yew.

There are 14 Hicks' Yew along the front of our house. We also planted boxwood, junipers, nest spruce, a mugho pine topiary, euonymous, holly, and Alberta spruce. Two items remain on our checklist for this summer: have the outdoor lighting wired, & mulch the garden (hopefully, there will be time leftover to watch the grass grow).

PS - The big tree in front of the house is a birch. This was on the lot pre-construction & we are trying hard to keep it alive. A few land scapers that we consulted, wanted to cut it down (gasp).

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