Monday, November 10, 2008

For Stan the Man

Stan the Man

color Black
sex male
weight 37.5 kg ~ 83 lbs
date of birth MAY 2003
land of birth US USA
land of standing US USA
ear mark 53D-20115
owner ?
Euthanized for space 11/2006
I found Stan by accident one day while researching my own greyhounds' "family trees". This is the thing that all of us involved in greyhound adoption, wish would go away.
It's not the actual racing that I despise. The dogs love to race. You will never see a greyhound more happy than when they are running. And I'm sure that the majority of these dogs are treated well. In fact, racing greyhounds are probably treated better than the average pet. They are turned out often, played with, see a vet on a regular basis, & are fed high quality food.
Unfortunately, there is always a down side. Stan the Man was euthanized for space in November of 2006. He would only have been 3. Terminating a dog merely because real estate is at a premium, simply boggles my mind.
When I found the picture of Stan (over a year ago now), I saved the picture. It reminds me of the reason why I have greyhounds & prompts me to continue promoting responsible pet ownership & animal adoption.

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