Thursday, February 19, 2009

Chasmo's Lulabell

Pictured above:  Tutu's sister, Chasmo's Lulabell

Yesterday, I received news that Tutu's sister, Lulu, lost her brief battle with cancer.  In less than two months, my social circle has lost two of its greyhounds to this horrible disease.  
Lulu's mom, emailed us frequently to give us updates on her.  Originally, we were contacted by her not long after we adopted Tutu.  It always amazed us, that although the girls had never spent much time together, they were so much alike.  All the theories that I've heard about "Nature vs. Nurture"  intrigue me.  
Belinda always described Lulu as loving snuggles, needing to be the centre of attention , having a knack for making people laugh & knowing how to turn on the charm to get her way.  That's also our Tutu.
Lulu leaves behind a huge space in the hearts of all that knew her.

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