Sunday, March 1, 2009

R.I.P. Colby's Nylabone

What you see above is the result of nearly 5 years dedication.  

Nylabone came into our lives in 2004 when we adopted Sophie.  Upon her arrival we bought an army of these chew toys in an assortment of shapes, sizes, & flavors.  She couldn't have cared less about them.  They sat alone in the toy bin.  Our hope was renewed several months later with the arrival of Cruce.  He didn't like them either.  The most action that they saw, was Cruce carrying them into his crate & back out.  Tutu didn't bother with them either.  Anytime we tried to coax her to chew them, we were met with a look as if to say, "Why do you keep thrusting this giant plastic toothpick into my face?"  

Life for a Nylabone in our home was a life of loneliness & neglect...until Colby.  Nearly 2 years after buying them, the fortune spent on these toys was appreciated!  They were carried from room to room, they went outside.  Some were buried in the snow, others had a tour of the dog run.  Nylabone was snuggled in bed & thrown into the air & pawed around the floor.  And alas, chewed.

After 2 years it is time to say goodbye.  Ends chewed off.  Discolored from mud & grass.  Scared from tooth marks.  You were a good bone.

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