Saturday, September 3, 2011


Cruce showing off his Yogurt Nose

Life has been very weird for us lately. We're used to having a house full of hounds. A ratio of 1:1 hands to hounds. Currently, we only have Cruce. Thank doG for him. He's being a trooper. This is the first time in his life that he has been an only hound. At the track, he would have had at least 20 other greyhounds around him. There were 10 dogs with him on the drive from the track to his new life. In in his home, he was part of a pack of 4. To say that he is lonely would be an understatement.

Friends came over to visit last night with their greyhound. Cruce could not contain himself when he saw Indie in the car. A total look of glee came across his face, and he drug my husband down the street to chase them (we were out for a walk when they came by).

We've discussed the possibility of getting another greyhound. However, we can't seem to make a decision. I admire the courage of people who adopt again soon after losing a dog. It's a wonderful way to honour the memory of the companion that you've lost. But we aren't quite there yet. A state of limbo would be the best way to describe it. Not having a dog is unimaginable. Having a dog that isn't one we've already had is also unimaginable.

I know that someday we'll be ready again. It just seems a long way off.

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