Saturday, May 5, 2012

Fighting Fate

Toy, now known as Stella

Why do we fight fate?

When Neal & I were kennel volunteers during our visit to Florida in January, we met twins Tosca & Toy.  You already know where this is going don't you?

Both were wonderful girls.  At the time, we nearly adopted them both.  However, we had Cruce and he was our first priority.  He was nearly twelve years old and his health was deteriorating.  We knew that he would enjoy the company of one hound, but two might be pushing it.

Tosca followed Neal around and gave him adoring looks.  She knew how to suck up.  So the decision was made.  Tosca was going on a road trip to Atlantic Canada.

The night that Tosca left, Toy made a spectacle.  None of the other dogs seemed to notice that a hound was leaving.  Toy stuck to the fence and barked, and whined, and clawed, and jumped...our hearts broke for her.  The two of them had never been separated.

For the remainder of our trip we talked about Toy.  We talked about her on the way home to New Brunswick, we talked about her on our way to work, we talked about her at supper, we talked about her before falling asleep at night.  Enough already.

Easter Sunday we made the decision to adopt Toy.  Cruce was doing well & he and Tosca were getting along marvellously.  Neal sent an email to the kennel..."Is Toy still available?".  Within seconds the phone rang.  Toy was still available for adoption.  Neal started making plans.  He would fly to Florida, pick up Toy & drive home.  I would stay here with the hounds.

Within the next 48 hours, life would change again.  Cruce took a turn for the worse and a day later, he was gone.  We were shocked and devastated.  This day was coming, and we knew it.  He had been diagnosed in April 2011 with cancer.  But Cruce was a fighter.  Just a week before, he and Tosca came to NYC with us.  They toured around Central Park, & he celebrated his twelfth birthday in Boston.  Springtime was coming and it lifted his spirits.  He was doing so well, that for a moment we forgot that he was sick.

Now what to do?  Neal & I were obligated to adopt Toy.  We wanted to uphold our promise.  I didn't feel like staying here by myself.  Neal didn't want to leave me alone.   We were excited to bring her home, but felt guilty at the same time.

So once again, we packed up the car, and drove to Florida.  The vacation was good for us.  For two years we lived in Puppy Palliative Care.   Colby was diagnosed in May & left us in June of 2010, Sophie in March of 2011, Tutu in July of 2011, and Cruce in April 2012.  There had been very few days in between when one dog had passed away, and another got sick.  There were many sleepless nights on the couch, mornings spent coaxing dogs to eat, hours spent rearranging furniture to accommodate special needs, a lot of tears, and months spent worrying about the health of our furry family.

We were both worn out.

Initially, Neal & I felt horrible about leaving Toy behind.  But now we know that someone had another plan.  Someone bigger than us, knew that we would need a vacation and a distraction.

Tosca and Toy (now called Stella), are like two peas in a pod.

You just can't fight fate.


Angela J. said...

Oh that's wonderful Erin! I'm so glad the sisters are together again. Now I have to go re-do my eye must have been so hard to leave her there crying at the fence, but you're right,fate had a hand in what was to come.

Rumpydog said...

A sad story but also a happy ending for Toy. You are saints to drive all the way back to Florida to get him.

2 Punk Dogs said...

So sorry that you lost so many dogs in such a short time span, that's truly heartbreaking. I'm so glad you have the two of them now!