Saturday, May 19, 2012

A Greyhound Adopter's Bucket List

Cookie, one of the wonderful hounds awaiting adoption at the GPA Kennel

Face it, whether they are written or not, we all have bucket lists.  For most people, the lists revolve around travel, or mastery of a skill.

My list has gone to the dogs.

When I think about the things that I would like to accomplish most, 8/10 times, it has to do with a dog.  I think that many "Greyhound People" are the same.

Here's what my To-Do List looks no order of importance.

  • Adopt a special needs, & senior dog
  • Attend the Greyhound Health & Wellness Conference (on the calendar for 2013)
  • Travel with my dogs (started this year)
  • Do the circuit of Greyhound events:  Dewey, GIG, Solvang, etc (going to Dewey in the Fall)
  • Adopt a black Greyhound and dispel the myths associated with black dogs
  • Start my own project to help Greyhounds (started in 2011 - Retired from Racing not from Life Art Book)
  • Have an article published in CG Magazine 
  • Enrol in a pet-centric photography course so that I can take better pictures of my furry family 
  • Actively volunteer for a Greyhound adoption group (MGAP since 2004 & GPA since 2012)
  • Voluntour (Kennel helper for GPA during our recent trips to Florida)
  • Visit a Greyhound farm
  • Take a tour of a race track
  • Always be a grey't ambassador for Greyhounds


Cherie K. Miller said...

Loving your bucket list - it's time to get going! Life is short and there are so many seniors awaiting a new home.... (I'm being tempted, sorely tempted by one right now...even though I have three dogs - my husband's limit.)

Congratulations - your hard work on your blog has paid off... and you've been awarded!

Dropping by on the blog hop today. Hope you're having a great weekend with your furry ones! It's a beautiful day in Georgia. You'll have to watch the video on to see a group of deer who are more curious than a cat.

Greyhounds CAN Sit said...

I love your list too:)