Friday, August 29, 2008

Emergency Information

Do you travel with your dog? Is your pet often left home alone? Here is something that we all should consider having: an emergency information card for our pets. Humans carry identification, why shouldn't our canine companions? In the event of an accident, emergency personnel will be able to help your furry family member(s) as well. It's something quick and simple to do, however, most of us don't take the time to do it.

You can make these whatever size you want, business card, recipe card or even a full size sheet of paper & they should be laminated. Include whatever information that you think is pertinent, for example, number of pets that you have in your home, name, color, age, gender, breed, veterinary info, medical conditions, personality traits, & emergency contact info (possibly a dog sitter or neighbor). For greyhounds, it also important to indicate that they are sensitive to anesthesia. Each pet should have their own card. Put the completed info sheets in your handbag, wallet, dash of your car, or next to your telephone.

If you have an alarm system, it's also a good idea to let them know how many pets you have in your home and the animals' name(s). I've also seen stickers at Vet offices & the SPCA which you put in your window. These stickers alert police officers, or firemen that pets are inside & how many you have.

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