Saturday, August 30, 2008

Happy 5th Birthday Colby!

Interesting Colby fact:
He was an on the spot adoption.

Neal & I were helping on Load Day (the day newly retired racers arrive from the track) and Colby was apparently giving Neal, "looks". At that time, we already had three greyhounds, & had no intentions of adding another.
Colby and Neal were together the entire day. When it came time to put Colby in his crate & leave, Neal hesitated. Do we have room for a 4th? Because we were going to California in a couple of days, it wasn't wise to bring a new greyhound home with us. After a couple of minutes deliberation, a decision was made. The person who was supposed to foster, was now a doggie sitter.
...Neal hasn't helped at Adoption Day since.

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