Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Sad But True

Something to think about...

  • Statistics from the US SPCA (2007) estimate that 8 - 12 million animals are in shelters each year.
  • Of these, 5 - 9 million are euthanized.
  • Approximately 50% of dogs & 70 % of cats.
  • Some shelters have euthanasia rates as high as 80%.

Before you, or anyone that you know buys a pet, make sure that you are ready for the long term commitment. Consider this:

  • Would I be able to take care of my pet financially if I lost my job?
  • What would happen if I had to move?
  • If my family structure changed, IE: decided to have children, divorced, sickness, death of a spouse, would my pet still be a priority?
  • Does my significant other want a pet as much as I do?
  • What pet suits my lifestyle?

Be honest with yourself. Many people fool themselves into thinking that their lifestyle will magically change if they get a pet. Or that the animal will adapt to the human's schedule. The statistics from the SPCA suggest otherwise.

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