Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Earth Day: Reduce your Hounds' Carbon Pawprint


Please consider the following things to help make your dog a little more earth friendly:

  • Use biodegradable doggie clean up bags & don't tie the bag.  When you use normal bags, the waste stays in landfill for years.  Many municipalities use your canine's "doo" (after it's treated) to fertilize public gardens. Treatment plants can only treat bags that are not tied.
  • Buy from companies that are environmentally responsible.  Many use materials from renewable resources for packaging.  Others make toys from scraps that would otherwise go to waste. 
  • Purchase treats that are organic (no pesticides), or make your own.
  • Try local.  Many butchers or farmer's markets have bones that are large enough for dogs. Locally sourced products cut down on shipping costs.
  • Find doggie apparel or bedding that is made from hemp.  Hemp is durable and will out last cotton.
Some of my favorite eco-friendly canine companies are:
  • Cloud Star
  • Planet Dog
  • Earth Dog
T-shirt available from Planet Dog

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