Sunday, January 24, 2010

Starting Something New

Last year in January I resolved to be "greener". Being more environmentally responsible has its challenges, but I think that I did "ok".
  • Our household cleaning products have been switched to non-chemical, biodegradable
  • We now use cloth rather than plastic shopping bags
  • Less trips are made with our car. This is difficult for a couple in their early 30s raised in a society of convenience.
  • No meat. Yes the meat-eating family & friends are shocked. When did you do that? Why did you do that?
  • Started composting. However, this is on hiatus for the cold weather. How do people compost when they are buried under snow for 5 months of the year?
Neal & I will continue all of the habits we started last year & hopefully, pick up some more good ones along the way.

This year...I have 2 resolutions. One, is to use my camera more often. I love photography & I've said on many occasions, "I have to take a course sometime". Like many things, it keeps getting put off. Well, it's now or never. This month I took sometime to research workshops & courses. Looks like I'm heading to New York City in June to take a workshop.

The second resolution, is a work in progress. Let's just say that I've been inspired by a lot of great people who help greyhounds.

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