Saturday, January 1, 2011

Fresh Start (or Long Time No See)

Colby (Aug 31, 2003 - June 16, 2010)

A new year. A fresh start. Goodbye 2010 & Hello 2011!

Early in 2010, I started a non-profit organization to help greyhounds. I had volunteered for a local group since adopting, Sophie, in 2004. I met lots of wonderful people & hounds, and learned a lot about greyhounds. Although I enjoyed my time spent there, I wanted to help hounds outside my immediate reach.

The aim of True North Greyhounds ( is to help raise funds for the Greyhound Health & Wellness Program at Ohio State University. Initially, I struggled with the focus of my project. After losing the youngest member of our pack, Colby, in June, the direction that I was supposed to take became apparent. I never imagined that Colby, at the age of six, would have cancer. This is becoming all too common in greyhounds as well as other dogs.

In order to get True North Greyhounds up & running, & care for Colby, my blog went on hiatus. Time to get back on track. My last post was in January of 2010, and talked about New Year's Resolutions.

What's on the agenda for this year? Helping more humans & hounds of course!

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