Monday, May 9, 2011

From Fab Four to Dynamic Duo

Itching for Spring by Jen of Big Orange Dog

I remember seeing a memorial page in a Celebrating Greyhounds magazine in which 4 of the 5 dogs pictured were all from one family. My heart broke for Jen Komatsu and her family which lost a large part of their fur family within months of each other. I've never met Jen, but I have purchased her artwork.

The first greyhound painting that I purchased was one of Jen's called, "Itching for Spring". The quirky theme with its bright colours suited our first hound Sophie. She hated the cold and was quite the sun worshipper. If there was a two inch ray of sunlight, Soph would squeeze herself into it. When it got warm enough in the spring, she would stand, nose pressed to the patio door looking to go out. When the other hounds had enough, pacing and panting to come in, Ms. Biscuit, would just switch mats.

My worst fear has always been that we would lose all of our dogs at once. I couldn't imagine a house without the click of toenails, no squeaking and rooing at the neighbours walking by, no pointy snouts & propeller tails greeting us at the door each evening, no clamouring to get to the food dishes each morning.

That day seems to be approaching much too quickly.

Within nine months we have lost half of our pack. Its two months today that we've been without the Sophie-Loo-Hound.

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