Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Too Close to Home

This week 32 dogs were seized from a farm northeast of Regina by the SPCA. Most of these dogs are Greyhounds and Greyhound-mix breeds. Many were chained to rusty appliances, and bails of hay around the property.

According to the Animal "Protection" Act, the person who "owns" the animals has three days to pay the seizure fees and can get the animals back. What? Yes, you read correctly. Isn't it obvious that someone doesn't want these animals and isn't taking care of them properly? I guess since "only" one of the dogs is in veterinarian care, they must consider them in bad enough shape to be seized, but not poor enough condition to be taken away permanently. Anyone who has adopted a greyhound can recite verbatim the speech given by adoption groups. "Greyhounds are not outdoor dogs. They should never be tied/chained. These are companion animals that love the company of humans."

I've been involved with Greyhound adoption since 2004. Since that time, I considered (naively) Canada as the "good" guys because we don't allow pari-mutual betting on dogs in our country. The dogs being brought here to find homes are from the U.S, with an exception. There is one track in Alberta (pool betting is legal at the track) and adoption groups in that area find homes for dogs at retirement.

In the past six years I've read numerous stories from other countries about the poor (understatement) condition that a group of greyhounds was found in. It shouldn't happen in any country to any animal. I'm disappointed that we are letting it happen here.

Pictures of some of the hounds can be found on-line.

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