Saturday, June 18, 2011


Cruce - nose tucked, ears up

"Do not disturb. Saturday a.m. in progress."

Tutu - giving me the evil eye

"I'm not giving up the couch. I've worked hard to get here."

My husband is in charge of the nightly "turn down service" for the dogs. Out to the dog run, mats fluffed, dogs covered up, good-night ear scritches & treats given.

Lately however, when I get up in the morning, this is what I see (note above photos).

Cruce is on his mat. Tutu is on the couch. At first, it was one cushion (1/3 of the couch). Then it was half the couch. Now it is the full couch plus one pillow. And a blanket. I'm sure that she is Eloise reincarnated. This hound thinks that she's living at the plaza.

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